Swedish augmented reality developer launches new app

Bublar Group AB, a publicly listed Sweden-based augmented reality software company, has launched Placie, a social mobile app that lets users share moments with the world around them in creative ways.

Available for both iOS and Android, the app combines augmented reality and location-based technology, allowing users to create and publish virtual objects and photos that appear in real world geo-graphic locations.

Placie users are said to be able to take photos, decorate them with creative elements like stickers and text, and instantly add them to a specific location, for anyone to discover through the world map.

“Placie connects people and places through shared experiences in a playful social environment,” said Bublar creative director Wictor Hattenbach in a statement.

“Liking, commenting, sharing and following are all possible within Placie, but what sets the app apart is the ability to explore location-based images in real time via the augmented reality mode. Plus, users can even earn rewards based on their usage.”

Whether a user has a trip planned to Tokyo and wants to check out the hotspots, or they wish to contribute to a virtual view of their neighbourhood, the Placie app adds another dimension of location-based discovery.

Based on Bublar’s proprietary software platform, Placie represents the first phase for the company in augmenting the entire mobile experience.

“We predict an exciting evolution of applications based on Bublar’s proprietary software platform,” said Bublar CEO Magnus Granqvist.

He said the company’s vision is to elevate the user experience for social apps by integrating augmented reality and geolocation.

The Placie app, which can be downloaded for free, is currently monetised through optional in-app purchases, with users able to buy coins to redeem enhanced sticker packs.

Founded in 2015, Bublar is a Swedish software company with a mission to merge the real and imaginary worlds using augmented reality.

The company said its proprietary platform blends augmented reality with geolocation to create a more immersive mobile experience for mobile gaming and other apps, supporting millions of users in real time. — TMR