Srixon unveils new XXIO X series
Srixon XXIO X

Srixon Sports Asia Sdn Bhd recently unveiled the new generation of XXIO golf clubs — the XXIO X series — at a launch hosted at The Mines Resort and Golf Club.

In attendance were Srixon MD Tommy Ieda, director Hidekazu Tagashira and Japan’s Dunlop Sports Co Ltd GM of public relations Toshiya Adachi.

The latest in the series takes the exemplary Japanese high-end brand to another level, not merely improving on the head or face, but the entire club as a complete system, to make it as efficient as possible for golfers to use.

The XXIO X Men’s Driver, XXIO X Men’s Fairway Woods, XXIO X Men’s Hybrids, and XXIO X Men’s Irons are a cohesive swing system that use lightweight design, unique shaft flex profiles and high COR (coefficient of restitution) club heads, to promote an easy, more consistent swing that helps moderate swings speed golfers experience for a dramatic distance gains. The 10th generation of XXIO clubs, Srixon celebrates XXIO’s long-standing dominance as one of the world’s best men’s golf equipment manufacturers.

A culmination of everything, XXIO has pioneered over decades; XXIO X is the highest performing set of golf clubs created to date.

XXIO X’s technology does not simply help your current swing hit the ball farther, but it actually contributes to your overall improvement as a golfer by promoting a better, more consistent swing that launches the ball with more speed, more distance and less slice.

Nothing feels better than swinging easy and striking the ball right on the sweet spot. XXIO X uses True-Focus Impact Technology to reduce the forces on a golfer’s body during his swing, so that they can find the sweet spot more often and launch the ball straight down the fairway.

The True-Focus Impact Technology starts with XXIO X Smart Impact Shaft. The new MP1000 shaft uses lightweight Nanoalloy to help moderate swing speed golfers generate for an additional head speed. It also uses a unique flex profile to reduce forces on your body during the swing and makes it easier to strike the ball on the centre of the clubface.

The second half of True-Focus Impact Technology is the XXIO X High Energy Head. The high COR area of the face has been expanded and its placement optimised, so it’s easy to find the sweet spot. Since XXIO X makes it easier to strike the ball on the high COR areas of the clubface, it’s easier for you to hit the ball farther.

The clubs are available from Dec 9, and Srixon announced a number of special promotions that will see buyers receiving XXIO travel covers, carry-on luggage, duffle bags and pouches. — COURTESY OF GOLF MALAYSIA