Sex and the nation


“These Westerners have gone mad”. That’s the verdict of the Russian nation, watching the never-ending story about which producer, or TV anchor, or congressman, groped, harassed or raped whom.

From my very first column in this newspaper, I’ve been trying to show to my readers that Russia is not the West.

We are a different society, which may be good or bad, depending on the case — but different we are. Does it mean we are Asian? I think so, but then we have to define what is “Asia in general” (no, I won’t start that discussion again).

Nothing, so far, has been able to demonstrate so well the difference between us and the “collective West”, than the typical Russian reaction to all those sex battles in the realm of American or European politics or daily life.

I know it firsthand, since I wrote several columns about it in Russian media — and was originally expecting any kind of reaction to my rather drastic opinions.

I wrote that the case of an American producer Harvey Weinstein (who allegedly “harassed” and “raped” dozens of actresses) shook me to the core.

I didn’t expect that a man could be ruined without trial, without anyone even asking for solid proof of his wrongdoings. What kind of society is that, I wrote, where a lady can declare that back then in 1980s she had an affair with a man, and since she thinks now that she did not want it, so it’s rape, and that’s enough for a man to become an outcast without a chance to defend himself?

My answer to my own question was, we are watching a group of nations in the middle of a ruinous revolution.

That’s not a guess. I was quoting to my readers some Western ideologues who were openly declaring that the modern society has to be destroyed and replaced with a better one.

To do that, you have to crush men’s standing in their own family and in society in general, make women fight men, take children from families, etc.

It’s not a horror fiction, it’s an openly proclaimed ideology not only of radical feminists, but of philosophers standing behind democrats, liberals — whatever you call them.

US President Donald Trump’s electorate represents the revolt against that leftist revolution.

While previous revolutions started from grabbing power and using it to forcefully change the nature of socie- ties, the current Western revolution presumes that modern information technologies allow it to reverse the process.

You first brainwash the people, and, second, power falls into your hands by itself.

And they spread that madness to other lands. I was mortally afraid that my readers would ridicule me and say that we, ourselves, have to adopt the Western norm of suing men for anything, even for a glance in the wrong direction.

But, no, all 100% of those who commented on my columns were on my side. All in all, a rather lively discussion in Russia on feminism and the West was unanimous: These Westerners are killing their own society.

A lady wrote something like “I wish someone would do to me what these Americans call harassment and improper sexual behaviour, I haven’t had a romance for almost a year”.

I won’t repeat the words (subsequently edited out) that men applied to Westerners in general.

There is a group of Russian ladies, members of certain foreign-funded non-governmental organisations, that tried to outcry the nation and to assert feminist values in our land. But their voices were drowned in a wave of total dismay and derision.

The way we, all of us, court and coerce ladies (or gentlemen) is a very important part of our basic national culture.

Sex tells a lot about societies, and a change of dating style is always possible, since societies change all the time. I watch with apprehension a new Russian phenomenon, namely the rise of anti-sexual fundamentalism.

A lot of people in my country suddenly chuck away several centuries of Christian culture, including Renaissance and Enlightenment, with their admiration of nudity and freedom of love.

Instead, they turn to early Christianity, with its ideas of sex as an “original sin”.

They are the ones who stage demonstrations against naked Greek or Roman statues in our museums and frown at short skirts in the streets.

But these people are at least trading the later cultural heritage of Christianity for earlier version of the same religion and culture. While aggressive feminism, trying to breach borders, is something else entirely.

It’s forcing people of all cultures to accept artificial ideologies, designed to ruin existing societies so as to reconstruct them from scratch. What’s worse, these feminists often succeed.

If my choice is between our religious fundamentalists and Western feminists, then I’ll be a fundamentalist myself. But then, luckily, there are so many other choices.

  • Dmitry Kosyrev is an author of 8 novels and a book of short stories as well as a columnist for 2 Moscow publications. Orientalist by education (Moscow University), he has a special love for Malaysia.