Number of flood victims in Kelantan on the rise


KOTA BHARU – The number of flood victims in Kelantan continues to rise as of 8am today, with 6,961 victims placed at relief centres compared to 5,016 victims at 9 last night

Tumpat was the latest district to be hit as 28 victims from six families were evacuated to a relief centre (PPS) this morning.

So far, 90 relief centres have been opened in nine districts, namely Kota Bharu, Pasir Mas, Tumpat, Bachok, Tanah Merah, Pasir Puteh, Kuala Krai, Machang dan Jeli.

The Social Welfare Department’s ‘infobanjir’ application said Pasir Mas had the highest number of victims with 2,963 from 1,145 families at 34 relief centres, followed by Kota Bharu with 1,261 victims from 310 families at 11 relief centres.

In Machang, 685 victims from 212 families remained at seven relief centres, while 589 victims from 185 families were at six relief centres in Pasir Puteh.

In Tanah Merah, 560 victims from 149 families were evacuated to 17 relief centres, while in Jeli, 345 victims from 95 families were placed in three relief centres.

A total of 304 victims from 73 families were evacuated to two relief centres in Bachok, while in Kuala Krai, 226 victims from 55 families were placed at nine relief centres.

Meanwhile, the Department of Irrigation and Drainage (DID) flood information portal said the water level at Sungai Golok in Rantau Panjang, Pasir Mas had risen to 10.56m at 8am today, compared to 10.44m at 9 last night.  The danger level is 9m.

Scattered thunderstorms were reported to have occurred in several areas in Kelantan last night.