oBike sees market in concertgoers

Bike sharing out t secures 1-year exclusive partnership with IME group


Bike-Sharing company oBike (M) Sdn Bhd is targeting concertgoers via a one-year exclusive partnership with Idea Music Entertainment (IME) group.

The partnership would see oBike offering cycling as an alternative way to avoid traffic jams and parking problems during big events like concerts.

oBike CEO Edward Chen said with any big event, there is always a concern of parking problems and getting to the venues on time due to bad traffic.

This partnership would benefit oBike users who plan to go to any concert hosted by IME next year.

“It is oBike’s aim to improve and transform the way people commute and we are thrilled to be able to provide in this manner, especially since it is such a convenient way to move around and an eco-friendly form of transportation,” he told reporters at the signing ceremony in Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

He said given recent issues with the authorities in Malaysia over parking permits and irresponsible users leaving bikes everywhere, the company is currently working closely with the police and road authorities to combat the problem.

“It’s under progress. We have been receiving support from the government and we have strategies in planning with them.

“For instance, if the police see bikes parked illegally or blocking traffic, they will call us and our maintenance team goes immediately to collect them,” Chen said.

He added that oBike has also rolled out a virtual fencing parking called “geofencing”.

Via the app, users will be notified when they enter a virtual enclosure, so they don’t park irresponsibly.

“So far, it’s been working well. I believe education is the key to changing consumer usage behaviour,” he said.

Chen said contrary to popular belief that a docking system will eradicate illegal parking issues, he does not feel it is a good option.

“A docking station will require a large amount of space as well as manpower, I don’t feel it’s viable and oBike does not plan to move in this direction,” he said.

As IME will host concerts all over Asia — namely in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Taiwan — oBike has also acquired permits in all the countries through its close contact with the respective local authorities.

Meanwhile, IME CEO Brian Chow said this is the first time the group has ventured into a partnership of this form and looks forward to working together.

“The strong presence of oBike as a means of transportation will enhance people’s experience at concerts,” Chow said.

Under the deal, concertgoers who purchase tickets to events hosted by IME will receive a special promo code for oBike and will be able to ride for free, whereby bikes will be stationed near and at the concert venues to provide an efficient service to users.