TCB issues new shares under investment scheme

Tropicana Corp Bhd (TCB) will issue new TCB shares to shareholders who are participating in the reinvestment option under the Dividend Reinvestment Scheme.

The scheme will provide shareholders with the option to reinvest in whole or in part of their dividends in new TCB shares in lieu of receiving cash.

In relation to the dividends to be declared, TCB may determine whether to offer share- holders the reinvestment option, and where applicable, the electable portion of the dividends to which the reinvestment option applies.

Meanwhile, shareholders are to be aware that TCB will not be obliged to make available the scheme for every dividend declared.

In this respect, the electable portion may include the whole or part of the dividend declared.

The new TCB shares will be issued free of any brokerage fees and related transaction costs, except for minimal subscription expenses, unless otherwise provided by any statute, law or regulation.