Keep up with advances related to wellness

Pic by TMR

Malaysia needs to keep pace with the advances in wellness-related-innovations for the sector to contribute over RM370 million to the gross national income and 3,500 jobs by 2020, as targeted by the government.

Malaysian Bioeconomy Development Corp (Bioeconomy Corp) CEO Dr Mohd Shuhaizam Mohd Zain said currently, the wellness industry is marked by the integration of various technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT), thanks to the Industrial Revolution 4.0.

“For example, the usage of the IoT in biotechnology has allowed smartphone apps to measure a person’s sleep cycle or heart rate, while wireless biosensors in garments can monitor health.

“These technologies are allowing more people to easily track their personal health, which contributes to their overall wellness,” he said in a statement yesterday.

Bioeconomy Corp is one of the exhibitors at the Wellness Cluster of the five-day National Innovation and Creative Economy Expo 2017, which is expected to transform Malaysia’s wellness industry through the growth of cutting-edge innovations.

Championed by the agency, the Wellness Cluster is also a platform to create public awareness on the importance of a healthy lifestyle, while offering growth opportunities for new businesses and facilitating wellness-related innovations across the nation.

“We hope that the innovations featured in the Wellness Cluster will get more people to adopt a healthier lifestyle through wellness technologies, while also catalysing the growth of more local, revamped wellness innovations to benefit and revolutionise the way Malaysians live,” said Mohd Shuhaizam. — Bernama