KeTTHA and TNB launch Home Energy Report programme

The Ministry of Energy, Green Technology, and Water (KeTTHA), in collaboration with Tenaga Nasional Berhad (TNB) today launched Home Energy Report (HER), an Energy Efficiency (EE) programme that aims to engage and empower domestic electricity customers to manage their home energy use and save money on their monthly electricity bills.

HER is an innovative programme that utilises behavioural science and data analytics to achieve its energy efficiency objectives. It is funded by both Malaysia Electricity Supply Industry Trust Account MESITA and TNB.

This is the second phase of the HER programme. A pilot programme was launched in August 2015 and ended in July last year.

The pilot programme had benefitted 200,000 households in Klang Valley, Putrajaya and Malacca, and has received much interest and positive feedback from the customers. Notably, the pilot programme had achieved over 13,979 MWh of electricity savings, equivalent to around 9,900 MT of CO2 avoidance.

HER phase 2 underwent further enhancement and expansion over the pilot programme with wider outreach and new functions that will create better, and engaging customer experience. For the first time, all domestic customers will get to access HER widgets and tools at TNB’s customer service web portal, In addition, over 450,000 selected domestic/residential customer will get added communication channel through printed HER and email HER (eHER).

Through HER communication channels, customers will get access to defined information on their electricity consumption. They will also get comparison result with the neighbours of similar home characteristics to find out how they perform. A new function being introduced, Home Energy Analysis (HEA) will help customer to discover appliances in their homes that consumes most of the electricity.

Customers will also receive targeted energy efficiency tips, based on various information available including their past energy usage behaviour and type of homes they live in. Through all these communication channels, customers can gain access to intuitive, data-rich insights into their energy use.