Over 250,000 summonses issued in 5 months

The Road Transport Department has issued a total of 251,193 summonses through its Automated Awareness Safety System between April 15 and yesterday.

Its DG Datuk Shaharuddin Khalid said of the total, 229,319 summonses were issued for speeding offences and 21,874 for running the traffic lights.

However, he said only 29,957 individual summonses and 5,735 company summonses totalling RM5.3 million had been paid to date, from the RM37 million which should have been collected.

“We are not just focusing on the amount of summonses paid, but also on acting sternly to ensure that motorists will adhere to the traffic regulations.

“We installed those cameras to remind them not to drive beyond the stipulated speed limits. That is why several metres before any camera, there will be ‘speed camera ahead’ signboard, but many motorists tend to ignore that,” he said at a press conference yesterday. — Bernama