More UK, local tech companies to collaborate further


Malaysian tech companies are expected to form new partnerships with tech firms from the UK in the latest UK Mega Tech Mission 2017.

This year, the UK Mega Tech Mission brought 42 UK tech companies, making it the largest UK tech delegation ever to visit Malaysia.

In 2016, both countries signed a memorandum of understanding to strengthen digital partnerships which resulted in RM270 million direct investment, with RM40 million worth of tech exports into Malaysia.

Head of the mission and UK national technology advisor Liam Maxwell said he is confident about the prospect of partnering with Malaysia.

“The mission to Malaysia allows participating UK companies to showcase UK technology expertise across various areas. It also provides an equally unique opportunity to develop long-term collaborative partnerships with local businesses in Malaysia,” he said.

The mission that began yesterday had already seen the signing of two strategic partnerships.

The first partnership was between Action Starter UK — a solution developer techno- logy company — with Malaysian data analytics startup CXS Analytics to integrate both companies’ platforms to deliver digital solutions, enabling job seekers, policymakers and educators to address employment, training and development issues.

“The details of the partner- ships are being sketched out right now and it will be a long-term deal. We are trying to solve a problem. Governments understand that they need a certain number of schools in the country to develop the economy. What CXS will do is to measure the pulse, what people want to do in connection to what is available in the population,” Action Starter co-founder Simon Kaguramamba said.

“The assessment piece will tell us where to put resources. Action Starter will then help plan the roadmap on how to get there. That is what makes this mission a fantastic opportunity to be able to do this,” he said yesterday.

The second partnership was by Kino-mo — a UK-based smart visual technology developer — and People ‘n Rich Holdings Sdn Bhd, a research and investment company, aiming to promote the adoption of new ad-tech innovations through the introduction and distribution of Hypervan in Malaysia.

The UK Mega Tech Mission 2017 will be held for three days, with up to 1,000 business matching meetings having been scheduled in Kuala Lumpur and Johor.

It is led by the UK Department for International Trade in collaboration with the Malaysia Digital Economy Corp (MDEC), the Johor State Investment Centre and Global Business Services Iskandar.

Meanwhile, British High Commissioner to Malaysia Vicki Treadell said the bilateral cooperation marks the grow- ing interest in Malaysia as a gateway to the rest of Asean.

“Collaboration in the tech sector is a great example of how we can take this relationship forward in the digital era. We already have accomplished 800 business-to-business meetings and we expect it to hit 1,000 meetings by the end of the three days,” she said.

MDEC CEO Datuk Yasmin Mahmood (picture) expressed similar sentiments, saying she looks forward to working with all 42 companies involved in this mission.

“Our business-friendly policies and unwavering focus on enhancing the country’s digital economy are positive factors that will offer UK investors plenty of opportunities to tap into Malaysia’s information and communication technology ecosystem.”