Good news for civil servants in upcoming budget


Prime Minister Datuk Seri Mohd Najib Razak said several good news and improvements for civil servants will be announced in the 2018 budget to be tabled on Oct 27.

“I understand that many are waiting for certain announcements,” said Najib — who is also the finance minister — at the 15th Civil Service Premier Message Gathering in Putrajaya yesterday.

His message was greeted with loud applause from the more than 5,000 civil servants who attended the annual event at the Putrajaya International Convention Centre.

At that annual event, the prime minister would deliver his message to members of the public service from the various services at the federal, state, local government levels and government-linked companies.

Under the philosophy of 2017 as the year of delivery, Najib said the civil service should be invaluable to the people and ensure that all planned projects, initiatives and aid reached the latter.

“Otherwise, every plan and policy that the government had formulated would be pointless — including the budgets that had been allocated — all because of mis-delivery, the government’s goals will come to nought,” he said.

Najib said in strengthening and empowering the civil service, the focus must be on people and inclusivity with the participation of the communities, and par excellence work culture and services, as well as noble values to uphold organisational integrity.

“I urge civil servants in doing their job, not to stay silo or be involved in ‘turf management’ with an adamance that ‘it’s our right’, ‘others cannot interfere’, or ‘I don’t care’, which would only hamper bureaucracy and lead to hardship for the people,” he said.

On the principles of loyalty and allegiance, he said they were very crucial in leadership and organisation.

“With such principles in the civil service, the organisation — which is the backbone of the government — will be disciplined and smooth,” he said.

The prime minister cited the great Muslim scholar Ibn Khaldun, who he said was not only concerned with civilisation, but also studied the importance of loyalty in professional governance. — Bernama