Nasi Lemak-flavoured condoms to hit the market in November


AFTER the success of its durian-flavoured condoms in June last year, Karex Bhd is about to introduce a new line of condoms laced with another favourite local flavour — the nasi lemak.

Karex senior branding manager Rene Lim told The Malaysian Reserve that the nasi lemak-flavoured condom will hit the local market in November 2017 and sale for the limited edition products is expected to run right up to Valentine’s Day.

“Sale for the nasi lemak panas condom is time sensitive. We are looking at a duration of two to three months only,” he said. The condoms will be placed under the “One Condoms” brand — made by Malaysians, and for Malaysians only.

“The nasi lemak flavoured-condom is also coated with warming gel component, giving it a ‘panas’ (hot) sensation,” he added.

Lim said that the new line exotic condoms is anticipated to drive conversations among the locals, and is meant to break the taboo on sexual topics while “strengthening the unity in the country”.

“Everybody, regardless of race — the Malays, Chinese, Indians and even foreigners love nasi lemak. We can enjoy it for breakfast, lunch, dinner or even supper in either cheap mamak or high-end restaurants. That’s why we choose nasi lemak,” he said.

As for the stricter Muslim consumers, Lim said that the modern Malay-Muslims nowadays would be more open to the idea, thanks to the accessibility to the internet.

“After all, we promote unity and safe sex. Even in Bahasa Malaysia, the word ‘bersetubuh’ means union, intimacy between two adults. Hence, I don’t think this would create any issue to them,” he added.

Karex currently produces 2.8 billion condoms in its factories in Pontian, Johor, and Port Klang in Selangor. Its plant in Hat Yai, Thailand, produces another 2.2 billion pieces annually.

The company expects the domestic market would reach to 18 million pieces of condoms this year as it has developed its own brand with the American brand, which received good exposure in the local market.

Commenting on what’s next for the firm he said: “I can’t reveal what we have in the pipeline for next year, but I can tell you that it is still going to be food or drink-inspired condom, and we already have the prototype.”