Maldives deepens Shariah expertise

The two-day International Conference on Islamic Awakening in Maldives which concluded yesterday had looked at a number of key issues in advancing Islamic finance in the country.

The key speakers at the annual event organised by Islamic University of Maldives were Dr Aishath Muneeza and Prof Mehmet Asutay.

Prof Mehmet is the director of Durham Centre for Islamic Economics and Finance.

Aishath, an associate professor at Malaysia-based International Centre for Education in Islamic Finance, is said to be among the key founders of Islamic nance in Maldives, including the driving force behind the establishment of Maldives Hajj Corp, the pilgrim fund board of Maldives.

The conference is an attempt to bring the industry leaders, researchers and educators together in order to find out the solutions for the issues faced by the Islamic nance industry and also to discuss the roadmap for future developments.

The discussions this year focused on enabling sustainable and resilient growth of Islamic nance industry through innovation and leadership.

Maldives is working towards enlarging its Islamic nance industry to diversify its economy away from tourism and transform itself into a Shariah-compliant investment hub.

The event saw a presence of a large number of Shariah experts from Malaysia.

In one session, some of the Malaysian Shariah scholars included Prof Dr Engku Rabiah Adawiah Engku Al Habshi, Prof Dr Syed Othman Alhabshi, Associate Prof Dr Rusni Hassan and Prof Dr Mohamed Akram Laldin.