Bike sharing services illegal in PJ

The council had yet to receive applications for licensing or permits from any bicycle sharing platform firms


Bike-sharing might be in trend these days but it is still illegal in Petaling Jaya.

Mayor Datuk Mohd Azizi Mohd Zain told The Malaysian Reserve that as of yesterday, the council had yet to receive applications for licensing or permits from any bicycle sharing platform companies.

“In addition to that, these bikes were parked everywhere, disrupting the path-way for pedestrians and in some cases drivers.

“That should not be the case. Yes, they are trying to make it convenient for people to move around, but if done this way, it’s an inconvenience too,” Mohd Azizi said when contacted.

Last Sunday, the council had seized over 250 bicycles belonging to stationless bicycle sharing platform company oBike (M) Sdn Bhd.

Azizi explained that the council had to seize the bikes because the company had not applied for any permits to the council.

He added that the bike sharing service should operate like any other businesses in Petaling Jaya.

“Though it’s a service, it is still a business, they are not giving it for free, and just like any other business, they have to apply for licensing and permit for the location.

“They need to speak to us on where it would be right for them to park their bikes or have their docks and how this service can be properly regulated. Then we can work from there,” he said adding that bike sharing companies should come forward and speak to the council first.

Asked on possible regulations for such services in Petaling Jaya, he said the council had not drafted exclusive regulations yet.

“Only when they come in and explain their services and their requirements can we work from it.

“It is a new service and it may be good for us as more people will use public transportation. But they need to come and see us first,” he said.

The oBike service is primarily used by university students which requires users to first download the mobile application.

The Singapore-based company is one of the three bike-sharing companies in Malaysia, with the latest being Mobike, launched in SP Setia last week.

Another company is oFo, which began its operation in Melaka last month.