Parents oppose relocation of CBN and landowner says not selling

Almost 99% of parents rejected the idea to relocate SMK Convent Bukit Nanas (CBN) in Kuala Lumpur (KL), while the title holder of the land where the school sits has no intention to sell the plot.

The Ministry of Education (MoE) conducted a survey to relocate the 117-year-old school from its Bukit Nanas site due to massive congestions and rapid developments in the area.

CBN’s head of Parent and Teacher Association (PTA) Rozali Ahmad said following the survey, the PTA has opposed the idea of relocating the school.

He said the survey conducted earlier this year did not just involve CBN, but also other schools within the area like Saint John’s Institution primary and secondary.

“MoE feels that it is not safe for students and parents to be in a high-density area and be exposed to road accidents,” Rozali told The Malaysian Reserve recently.

Rozali, who represents the CBN community, said parents are willing to face the daily congestions and do not wish the school’s location to change.

“The parents, who send their children to study at our school, mostly work in the city area, thus sending their children to the school is convenient due to its current location.

“And CBN has been around for more than a century. The premium education that the institution offers is one of the main factors why parents send their children here,” he said.

He reiterated there are no plans to relocate the school anytime soon.

Rozali also said the founder of the school, Sisters of Holy Infant Jesus, has no intention to sell their land rights to any parties even if the school’s reallocation happens.

He said the title holders may turn the school into an orphanage or other uses to benefit the community.

CBN sits on a prime development area in the golden triangle. The area has been on the radar of property developers due to its strategic location and scarcity of land in the much sought-after central KL district.

It is not known if any parties have made any bids to acquire the CBN site. Established in 1899, CNB is the last of the allgirls school in the heart of KL.

Bukit Bintang Girl School (BBGS), KL’s oldest school, moved to Taman Shamelin Perkasa, Cheras in the year 2000. The land where BBGS formerly sits is now the Pavilion KL.

Real estate consultancy Henry Butcher Malaysia Bhd in its “Herald 2016” report cited a 3.2-acre (1.29ha) parcel of land in Jalan Ampang was sold for RM3,300 per sq ft (psf). Tun Razak Exchange has been priced between RM2,200 and RM4,490 psf.