myTNB — Services at fingertip

More than 8.5 million of Tenaga Nasional Bhd’s (TNB) customers can now have a greater convenience to pay their bills and perform other related services through its revamped online portal.

The online portal, myTNB, allows customers to host multiple services in a single platform which include applying for electricity supplies, closing an account or even looking for an authorised TNB contractor. It can be accessible via a computer or smartphone application.

“This new system lets you do all your TNB services just about anywhere and anytime, even if you are away on holiday, as long as you have an Internet connection,” said TNB customer service senior GM Kamaliah Abdul Kadir.

The system even allows landlords to monitor their tenants in paying their electricity bills on time.

The one-stop portal also enables TNB to give credit rating to account holders in order to allows its customers service staff more flexibility in resolving the cases of those in arrears.

“With the self-service portal, you can do all the things you could do at the Kedai Tenaga,” she added.

Another significant feature that is offered to customers is real-time transaction. Customers now will be notified when payments have been made through any of TNB’s collecting agents, including banks and Pos Malaysia Bhd.

“TNB is getting all 40 merchants to use the system. The system allows us to message customers immediately to thank them after receiving payments or prompt them if they are overdue,” she said.

“We can message customers immediately to thank them after receiving a payment or prompt them if payment is late,” she added.

TNB is planning more value-added services such smart meters and an energy-efficient programme which includes a home-energy calculator.

“We have identified some other products and are waiting for myTNB to mature before we aggressively promote them,” Kamaliah said.

She added myTNB has consolidated TNB’s previous diversified customer portals under a single platform.

Previously, TNB had four different websites that catered to different customers. These websites were e-services (for individuals), e-Bulk (for companies with multiple premises or outlets), e-Application (for contractors) and TNB’s corporate page (which will remain as a separate website).

Apart from a different design and web address, existing account holders need a new login to access the new portal.

TNB urges customers to update their account data in order to maximise their benefits, especially if there is a change in ownership.

“Customers need to update their account data such as the name of the landlords and tenants, especially those who have bought properties and the TNB account is still under the name of previous owners,” said Kamaliah.

The new portal is also linked to the Energy Commission (EC) which has given its thumbs up for the new portal.

Furthermore, TNB customers who require authorised technicians to look into matters related to internal faults and wiring now have the access to check directly with the EC through the portal.

Besides being assured of the contractors they let into their home, Kamaliah said, TNB customers can also rate their services.

She added that there are frequently asked questions in the portal that could aid in providing clear guidance and instructions for customers.