Creating value with IT solutions

The ability to innovate and adapt to changing landscapes is one of the key demands for successful information technology (IT) solutions. It is among the experiences of two local technology-based companies, Infopro Solutions Sdn Bhd and LintraMax (M) Sdn Bhd.

On the local front, one provider of banking solutions is Infopro, a highly focused vendor that deals only with banks and other financial institutions. The company’s experience gained in the past 29 years through the implementation of the eICBA system in 90 banks in 30 countries definitely has helped in delivering the “best practices” value to their customers.

In the plantation sector, LintraMax brings about diversified management solutions that are simplified and bring into business real benefits.

In separate interviews with The Malaysian Reserve, the two companies shared their challenges and success stories in peddling their solutions to their respective client base.

In the case of Infopro, it deals with financial institutions while LintraMax deals with management solutions for the plantation sector, with a keen eye on oil palm producers.

With Infopro’s eICBA banking system, banks are said to be able to meet the challenges of managing change, competition, compliance and customer demands effectively


Infopro: eICBA Banking Solution

No matter who we are, a bank is expected to provide a wide range of banking solutions. And to satisfy their clients, banks need to look for comprehensive solutions. A bank should provide a full spectrum of banking operations, incorporating a full complement of transactional services. It should meet the demands of today’s financial institutions whether retail, commercial, small and medium enterprises or corporate levels.

From the services innovation perspective, a banking solution should offer customers the ease to transact while providing features that give varied information on their product and service offerings on a regular basis.

Banking solutions are an evolving educational resource. Financial professionals are turning to them as they look to improve their services, update their operations and grow their business.

However, it is not just about growing a business. These solutions also inform readers and customers about pressing issues and problems plaguing banking institutions.

One such banking solution is the eICBA banking solution, which stakes a claim to offering a comprehensive integrated banking and financial system. Its capability allows financial institutions to serve markets all over the world via an array of delivery channels.

“Our ability to maintain a 100% successful implementation track record provides major banks the peace of mind to deal with us. This is further assured by the accreditations of our company and products as Infopro is the first and only Capability Maturity Model Integration level-five company in Malaysia,” said Infopro CEO Chuah Wan Pin.

The company has been ISO9001-certified for 18 years and the eICBA system is certified by TUV Germany, and the company will soon be launching a new digital banking suite to assist banks to compete in the digital age.

“We only deal with banks and other financial institutions as this is a large IT segment in every country. We have a competitive edge over other competitors in the local market because of our top-of-theline technology and our continuous investment in new technology,” he said.

Infopro is committed to being at the forefront of technology in its quest to deliver a state-of-the-art banking solution to global financial institutions.

It has invested more than US$75 million (RM319.5 million) in system development to keep abreast with the evolving business and banking trends to better engage customers and provide value-added services and experience sharing.

One of the key factors of Infopro’s success, said Chuah, is its ability to adapt to different situations, be it from a business perspective or from a cultural perspective.

With the eICBA banking system core banking solution, banks are said to be able to meet the challenges of managing change, competition, compliance and customer demands effectively.

LintraMax: Plantation Management Solution

Similar to financial institutions, in an increasingly competitive global agribusiness market, maintaining sustainable product efficiency is a competitive advantage.

Like banking solutions, plantations too depend on management solutions designed to automate plantation operational processes to enhance efficiency, improve control and streamline costs by providing management the actionable insights into operation, production and expenditures easily and quickly.

When it comes to plantation management solutions, LintraMax believes it has a winning solution. It has an integrated system that helps plantation companies manage various aspects of their plantation from cultivation at the estate to processing at the mill to sales and financial operations at the head office.

“The system integrates the functions of finance, pay roll, nurser y, pla nt i ng, agronomics and more. It helps streamline the operation administrative workflow and provide access to critical information for operational control, cost monitoring and decision-making. It is a tailored enterprise resource planning (ERP) system specifically for the plantation vertical industry,” said LintraMax MD Khor Kheng Khoon.

ERP is a business process management software that allows an organisation to use a system of integrated applications to manage the business and automate many back-office functions related to technology, services and human resources. The system also supports other tropical crops, including rubber, tea and paddy.

Since inception in 2002, LintraMax has focused exclusively on the plantation sector, allowing it to develop extensive industry knowledge and insights, along the way.

“We have invested a significant amount of resources in developing a system for the palm oil industry in Malaysia, Indonesia and Papua New Guinea,” he said.

The company’s industry and product focus allows it to provide better and more comprehensive solutions. With over 60 software engineers and consultants supporting the users, it strives to assist plantation companies to leverage on technologies to enhance their operation efficiency.

As competition in agribusiness increases, Khor said plantation companies seek ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

This creates greater demand of software systems to gain a competitive advantage, therefore driving demand for software solutions.

Majority of LintraMax clients are oil palm growers/producers, although rubber, tea and paddy growers are also using the solution to enhance their business.

“The system can be deployed for other large-scale commercial crop production. Palm oil being the single largest crop cultivated in Malaysia and Indonesia naturally is our main target market,” added Khor.

As for market share, LintraMax has approximately 15%.