Jobseekers looking for employers who can bring out the best in them

Charles FernandezFriday, December 12, 2014

In the past, an impressive pay packet was a prime consideration for a jobseeker.

The trend has changed. These days, pay packets alone are no longer a priority as jobseekers look for employers who can bring out the best in them. In turn, they can help their organisations and bring their brands to life. This would mean employing those who have the potential for innovation which is the primary differentiator and driver of business leadership.

A business simply cannot move forward and it would continue to struggle to remain competitive without innovation, as it is a major lifeblood of growth from a business standpoint.

A recent survey by revealed five of Malaysia’s leading companies that jobseekers are clamouring to get employment at, and surprisingly experienced candidates who were interviewed did not list innovation as one of the leading compelling reasons to apply for a job there.

According to Janet Lee, trainer and CEO at Ninety Five Percent Sdn Bhd, a training provider for the advertising industry, said without innovation, a company may not be in the phone book 10 years from now.

Explaining some strategies for business innovation, Lee who is a professional trainer, said there are three urgent reasons why companies need innovation:

  • To win the war for talent as 66% of millennials will only join companies that are innovative
  • To experience increased productivity and growth as this has shown that innovative companies achieve up to 60% extra revenue growth; and
  • Innovative companies enjoy 50% “innovation premium” in market valuation versus their competitors.

Ninety Five Percent is in the business of unlocking potential, helping businesses transform by unlocking their innovation potential, maximising organisational performance and productivity and helping them internalise and bring their brands to life.

“We do this by building skills while developing leadership through our experiential trainings,” added Lee.

The creative approach to training, delivered by trainers who are creative problem solvers, have resulted in highly engaging, fun-yet objective-driven trainings that produce sustained learning and growth, Lee claims.

In the past 10 years, Ninety Five Percent has Asian Federation of Advertising Associations, Great Eastern Life, Volvo Cars Malaysia, BMW Malaysia, Resorts World Malaysia, Publicis Worldwide, Text 100 Malaysia, Multimedia Development Corp, DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd, Media Prima Bhd, Hwang DBS Investment Bank Bhd, PJ Development Holdings Bhd, FJ Benjamin (M) Sdn Bhd and TBWA Kuala Lumpur among others.

As a trainer and business owner, Lee designs and delivers innovative programmes and workshops to meet the industry’s growing standards in the field of talent recruitment, while continusionals to be ahead of the curve.

“These innovative programmes have manifested themselves in different forms that equip working individuals with a single job ready skill,” she said.

In recent years, the company’s programmes have seen Lee working with CEOs, heads of departments and other leaders in crystallising their vision for their companies and implementing transformation strategies.

These companies benefitted from the tangible results produced by these 3-6 month long programmes, including training professionals in the oil and gas, finance, insurance, hotel and retail industries in the fields of strategic and innovative thinking, copywriting and presentation skills.

Lee said currently, Ninety Five Percent is conducting a two-day workout for business leaders — The Strategies for Business Innovation Workshop — badged as an impactful programme where business leaders get to learn strategic approach to business innovation.

It is imperative that companies give extra importance to innovation to stay ahead due to factors such as globalisation and outsourcing.

Millennials and the younger generation of job seekers are looking for innovation that lead to significant improvements in the way businesses operate and programmes like these may just be the right tonic to spur them on.

Deloitte’s third annual Millennial Survey 2014 explored what Generation Y (Gen Y) wants from business, government and the future workplace. A survey on nearly 7,800 millennials from 28 countries across Western Europe, North America, Latin America and Asia Pacific about

sults revealed that Gen Y wants to work for organisations that foster innovative thinking, develop their skills and make a positive contribution to society.

“Millennials look for forward-thinking employers and nearly 80% of those surveyed look for innovative companies when deciding on their future employers," according to the survey.

The workshop by Ninety Five Percent aims to create right thinking individuals with innovative minds as it uses patented interactive and immersive techniques along with proven innovation frameworks and models to teach and coach the participants to understand and apply innovation in their respective businesses.

“It makes business innovation easy, simple and practical. This transformative workshop removes the complexity involved in innovation and guides participants to master these principles,” said Lee.

Lee said innovation should not be mistaken for cool products and gadgets which is the most visible type of innovation.

“With Gen Ys today, we need innovations in recruitment, retention and engagement. So, business innovation is looking at how each and every area of your business can be made more efficient and effective. And when this happens, your business will transform,” said Lee.

Ninety Five Percent interviewed 50 companies last month and 91% stated that innovation is crucial to their business success.

The company has a 10-year track record for training people to be creative problem solvers, which can address the employee skills issue.

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